This young man is 20 years old and from California, and today SawasdeeUSA magazine introduces you to the origins of his music passion. Griffin had never written a song before the pandemic (Covid-19) started. Keep in mind that when the pandemic hit, he was a junior in high school. So, he was 16 years old when he learned to write, record, and produce music. During the isolation with the COVID lockdown, Griffin used YouTube to teach himself how to play both keyboard and stringed instruments. He also learned through YouTube how to write lyrics and produce them. Before the pandemic was over, he dropped his first album. Now he has 3!

Griffin is fluent in Spanish and Latin languages and was a national AP honors scholar, achieving a perfect score on all AP exams. He has deeply studied the works of Alexander Hamilton and can also recite every word of Alexander Hamilton’s Broadway play.

The main point is that time will find out what your passion is. Don’t be afraid to follow your dream. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are; find out what your real passion is. You have to start and don’t let anyone stop your dream. Stop thinking, start doing it, and don’t worry about what other people say. Don’t worry about failing, learn from experience, and make it better and better.

The most important thing is “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.”

SAWASDEE USA wishes “Griffin Strier” only the best! You’re an awesome singer and songwriter!

Good luck, Griffin. Your journey has just started.

Listen to his music and follow him at: 

Instagram: flowerkidrecords
Spotify: Griffin

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